Exterior Maintenance

Exterior cleaning services are crucial to keeping your home’s exterior surfaces from deteriorating as well as to keep up your home’s curb appeal and your sense of pride in your home.

In order to achieve this, you could…

  • Manually remove the moss from every single individual shingle (of which there are thousands) and then clean up every single piece.
  • Risk life and limb leaning out over your roof to clean out your gutter and check the downspouts.
  • Brush and rinse your exterior gutters while trying to operate a pole that’s extended out 20 feet over your head.
  • Mix up a moss treatment and slip & slide all over your roof while trying to spray it on.
  • You could then spray your siding down with a cleaning agent and then try not to get blown off your ladder while trying to power wash the house from top to bottom.
  • Spend hours – if not days – pressure washing the decks, walkways & driveways and then go up and down the ladder dozens of times to wash the windows while trying to not leave any streaks.

But first you will need…

- ladders
- safety ropes
- harness
- moss scrapers
- brushes
- leaf blowers
- buckets
- pumps
- hoses
- cleaning agents
- strip washers
- squeegees
- pressure washers
- pressure hoses
- wands
- nozzles
- rakes
- brooms
- and more…


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