Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When booking to have my gutters cleaned, are the exterior of the gutters washed as well?

A: When a gutter cleaning job is booked it includes cleaning the loose debris off of the roof and valleys, and cleaning out the gutters as well as a full clean up. If you would like the exteriors of the gutters washed, then please let us know beforehand and we would be happy to book that in as well for a small charge.


Q: When booking to have my windows washed, is post-construction clean up included as well?

A: If there is to be any post-construction cleaning done (e.g. caulking, paint, stucco, drywall mud, etc.), please mention this beforehand so that a proper assessment of time and cost can be done. When a window washing job is booked, it is done so under the assumption that only a general wash is needed.


Q: What methods are used for window washing?

A: We typically wash windows by hand using washers and squeegees, but will, under certain circumstances, use a water-fed pole method (brush & rinse); usually this method is used just on deck glass, garage doors, sunrooms, and skylights.


Q: Are skylights and deck glass panels included in window washing?

A: In most circumstances, we cannot see the skylights on the roof, so please mention beforehand if you would like us to clean them for you, as well as any deck glass that you might like cleaned.


Q: What methods do you use for roof de-mossing?

A: When cleaning the moss off of a roof we gently remove it using hand tools – which is far less abrasive than using a power washer – and a leaf blower; we then clean out the gutters, clean up and spray the roof with a moss treatment to kill off the remaining moss roots & spores. The end result is what looks like a new roof again, as well as added longevity to the life of your roof.


Q: Are your moss treatments toxic and bad for the environment?

A: No, the products that we use are non-toxic and bio degradable. They will not stain anything or harm your pets and gardens.


Q: How often is roof de-mossing recommended?

A: Roof moss removal is recommended once and then after that the moss can be kept away by re-spraying it with a moss treatment every 2 to 5 years, depending on the proximity of trees and the amount of sun that your roof receives.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we are covered under WorkSafeBC and also have a 2 million dollar commercial liability policy to cover your property and anyone on it.


Q: Is it safe to power wash / pressure wash?

A: Yes, on most surfaces such as decks, siding, and cement. We will assess every situation and surface separately and will use the appropriate cleaners and pressure accordingly.


Q: Does cleaning the exterior of the gutters include the soffits?

A: No, it only includes the bottom edge and outer face of the gutter. If you would like the soffits and inner lip of the gutter washed, then that must be booked separately.


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